Join us for an upcoming scrimmage day hosting our friends from Fresno!

PLEASE NOTE:  the schedule has recently changed, games will start 30 min. earlier and HS boys go first!

Kern vs. Fresno on June 4th at Emerald Cove

Go see the beautiful photos of our just completed 2022 Spring season on photographer Kevin Findley's website: https://kevinfindleyphotography.com/work

Our special Summer 7s limited season is already halfway through. The last scrimmage will be Kern hosting Fresno/CenCal.

A great place to get started (or refreshed) on the rules of rugby is right in this handy downloadable: Beginner's Guide to Rugby in PDF.

Kern Youth Rugby (KYR) was born in 2014. Our aim is to build community through rugby. We are passionate about rugby, kids and serving our community. Our Motto is Building Community Through Rugby. Our Core values are: RESPECT OTHERS, BE HUMBLE & HAVE COURAGE.  


Our vision is to see rugby
, specifically 7’s, being played at all level in all parts of Kern County and establish our own geographic conference to minimize travel to the SoCal regions. We would then only travel for championship games at the end of the season with the possibility of some All-Star teams

RESPECT OTHERS:  Respect your team, your coaches, your refs, your opponents, your community, and the game of rugby. We are all from diverse backgrounds, have different issues, and have different personalities. Respect that.
BE HUMBLE:  Be humble at all times, in every situation.

HAVE COURAGE:  We signed up to be part of this team. That means when we get hurt we get up. When we don’t feel like practice we get up and get here. When we feel tired we keep pressing on.