Kern Youth Rugby Registration
USA Rugby (step1)/ KYR (step2) /SoCal (step3)

Hello KYR Parents! SUMMER 7s REGISTRATION - If you played in the winter 2024, proceed to STEP 2 MATCH FACTS.  If you are NEW to KYR, Begin with Step 1 USA RUGBY.

  Items needed when registering for the first time:

  • Player Photo – Passport style headshot (with no hat or sunglasses)
  • Birth Certificate or Passport


Registration Step 1: Register for USA Rugby/Rugby Xplorer (RX) OPEN as of 8.31.23 

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your email address (if you played rugby in the past, enter the email used for Sportlomo) then enter your password
  3. Create your new account using the parent’s name & email information (Rugby Region = USA Rugby)
  4. The system will find a profile for you or ask you to create one
  5. You will then receive a confirmation email. Verify the email and log into your new RX account
  6. Click “Register” in the left hand column
  7. Find a Club. Search for KERN YOUTH RUGBY
  8. “link a new person” to add your son or daughter ONLY register 1 child at a time
  10. Select the role, type and duration (USA RUGBY is for an entire season, 9/1/23 – 8/31/24    

***u10, u12, u14 and HS will register under YOUTH  ($35) (paid directly to USA RUGBY)

  *****u6-u8 will register under ROOKIE Rugby ($5) (paid directly to USA RUGBY)

  11. Complete the additional steps and enter your childs’ information

12. Repeat steps 6-11 for each child separately 

SAVE YOUR CHILDS USA Rugby ID#.  You will need to enter it in Steps 2 and 3 Below


Registration Step 2: Summer 7s 2024 SoCal Youth Rugby/MatchFacts:

  1.  Click on the link below

  2.  Click Register a Person

  3.  Click Sign Up and create a registration account

  4.  Scroll down and click Registering as a Player

  a. Fill in all information for player and parent/guardian

  b. Scroll through all waivers, CHECK mark the box, and digital sign

  c. ON RIGHT SIDE, choose KERN YOUTH RUGBY 2023/24 Summer 7s for Organization to register

  5.  Click SAVE

  6.  Complete payment process ($50 total)

  ($35 to SoCal and $15 will be directed to KYR automatically)


Registration Step 3:  TeamSnap/KYR (you will need your childs USA Rugby ID#, from part 1
  1. Click on the TeamSnap link: KYR/TeamSnap registration
  2.  Follow the steps to create a profile (if you already have a TeamSnap account through another club, NO NEED to create new account)
  3. When registering in TeamSnap, your child is the PARTICIPANT, guardian is the REGISTRANT
  4. Teamsnap will guide through the registration process.  Be sure to have your childs USA RUGBY ID# when filling out the registration form.
  5. KYR Dues $80 for u6/u8, $100 for u10-HS