A great place to get started (or refreshed) on the rules of rugby is this handy downloadable Beginner's Guide to Rugby in PDF.

Basic Principals of Rugby


The ball carrier should: 

    • Look for gaps in the defense and run through them to score 

    • If there are no gaps, pass to a team-mate who is in a better position to do this 

    • To create space for the team-mate, run straight at a defender so that this player cannot defend the team-mate as well as the ball carrier 

    • The supporting player 

      Run close enough to the ball carrier for the ball to be passed accurately.

     Be able to support on either side – left or right 

      Not run ahead of the ball carrier, as the ball cannot be passed forward 

      Communicate positioning to the ball-carrier


    • Look up

    • Build a wall of defense

    • Stay disciplined

    • Attack inside out

    • Get into the attacker’s space

    • Attack the ball

    • Communicate

Additional Resources
  1. http://www.facebook.com/kernyouthrugby - Kern Youth Rugby Facebook page
  2. www.usarugby.org – USA Rugby Website
  3. https://socalyouth.rugby- SoCal Youth Rugby Union website